Simone Langiu is a London based freelance drummer.

The beginning of his music career dates back to when he played in his first live show when he was 9 years old (in 2005); on this occasion, Simone had the pleasure to play percussions with his father’s band.

Simone played with his father’s band between 2005 and 2009. From 2009 to 2016 he co-worked with various bands all around Sardinia, in Italy. He had the opportunity to play with a lot of different musicians, who have contributed to his personal development as a musician.

In 2016 Simone decided to devote himself to the study of music in a professional way and made a new significant step: he enrolled in the BMUS Popular Music Performance course at the music university “The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance” (ICMP) in London. He has been coached by eminent professors such as Gabor Dornyei, Darren Ashford, Richard Spaven, Ferguson Gerrard, Audrey Riley, Xantoné Blacq and others.

Simone has also gained experience playing in different studios. Some of the most prominent studios he played in are: “dBs Music Studios” in Berlin, the iconic “Abbey Road Studios” in London and "Dean St. Studios" in heart of Soho in London. 

In March 2021 and February 2022 Simone recorded drums and percussion for the artist Venice Heat, produced by Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence + the Machine, Lady Gaga, Gorillaz, The Kooks and others) at "123 Studios", London.

Ever since his first live show when Simone was 9 years old, he has developed a strong interest in music, not just the performance wise but even on business one. This passion resulted in obtaining the Bachelor of Music that enriched his experiences portfolio in playing music but also engaged Simone even more to the management side of the music industry.

Simone is currently playing with various London-based artists as well as playing as session musician around London and the UK. 

Simone proudly endorses for the brand Collision Drumsticks.